Ravens Nest

Austell, GA

Phone: 888-975-3816
Crisis Hotline: 678-361-9754
Fax: 770-819-6826


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Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

By Appointment Only


Programs Help With:

  • Behavioral Challenges
  • Developmental Challenges
  • Emotional Challenges
  • Intellectual Challenges

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We Do In-Home Interventions


Ravens Nest in Smyrna, GA was founded on the premise that “it takes a village,” to help raise community awareness in order to change lives. Our behavioral and mental health programs are based on the three “E’s” - empowerment, education and excellence. We focus on all aspects of the mind, body and spirit by offering individual counseling, family counseling and in-home intervention. Call today to speak to one of our experienced counselors.


  • Basic Living Skills
  • Help With Anger Management
  • Help With Stress Management 
  • Substance Abuse Prevention

We Handle:

  • Educational Neglect
  • Emotional Neglect
  • Medical Neglect


  • Neonatal Neglect
  • Prenatal Neglect
  • Supervisory Neglect

Get Help For Your Family

Take Back Your Family Values

We try to involve the whole family unit and use all extended family resources in our approach to finding a solution that benefits everyone in the family. We also capitalize on as many community-based resources and services that are available to us. We realize that illegal drugs, gang violence, anti-social skills and alcohol play an integral part in the choices made. These things do threaten family values and places a strain on the family unit. That is why we make an effort to reach out to families at risk. Call us today.